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If you are thinking about selling your business, you can get a free Sold Business / Valuation report letting you know what businesses have recently sold for that are similar to your sales range and business type. You can also search our list of Registered Buyers we have for Businesses like yours to see if we already have buyers for your type of Business. Looking for an Experienced Deal Making Broker? Click here to see some of my recent sales! There are not my Companies Sales, these are some of my Personal Sales!

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Get your free Sold Business / Valuation report

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Click here to see some of my recent sales!

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Get a free Sold Business / Valuation report via e-mail by answering a few questions on a form. All information you provide is confidential.

Get your free Sold Business / Valuation report via e-mail

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Seeking information on buying a business or franchise in Tampa Bay and throughout Central Florida. With just a few clicks, you can view our Featured Business for sale Listings, or you can quickly search and view 700+ Tampa Bay Area Businesses for sale listings. You can also Search by county, business type and asking price, there are over 3,000 businesses for sale listings in Florida. Looking for a list of Businesses for sale that have a previous years adjusted net of $250k+? Looking for a Restaurants for sale?  Here are over 100 Tampa Area Restaurants for sale listings? Are you interested in Franchises? You can search for both new start up Franchises or Existing Franchises. Be the first to receive new Business for sale listing alerts via e-mail.  Find Business that could qualify for and receive information on E-2 and L-1 Visa's.

Featured Business for sale Listings

700+ Tampa Bay Area Businesses for sale listings

3,000 businesses for sale listings in Florida

Medical Health Care Business Sales and M&A

Middle Market deals and Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions. You can click here for highly profitable businesses with Adjusted Net of $250k+,  Franchise Re-salesMedical Practice Brokerage and Health Care related Businesses. I service all the Tampa Bay area including Tampa St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor and Brandon Florida. I am experienced in medical practice sales and other healthcare related businesses such as Medical Home Care, Medical Chiropractic, Medical Pharmacy, to name a few.

Medical and Health Care related Businesses For Sale

Businesses with adjusted net of $250,000.00 to $1,000.000.00+

Financing a Business Acquisition

Find Florida businesses for sale listings that already have SBA financing in place and get info on how SBA Backed loans work. Learn how you can use your 401k or IRA to buy a business or Franchise without Tax and Penalties

Businesses for sale with SBA financing in place

How to use your 401k or IRA to buy a business without Tax and Penalties

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I am a Certified Business Intermediary thru the International Business Brokers Association, I am also a Board-Certified Business Broker thru the Business Brokers of Florida Association and Licensed thru the State of Florida. Use my 25 years of experience to sell your Business Fast, for the most amount of money and make your transaction quick and easy. Call or text me at (813) 400-3030 or e-mail

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