Why use us to help Sell your Business?

Percentage of businesses for sale in Florida that actually sell are sold

Why use us to assist you with Buying or Selling a Business or Franchise?

There are millions small businesses (with at least one person on the payroll). At any given time, 20% are for sale. Of the 20% percent that are for sale, only 1 in 5 of those will ever sell. 


What is your time worth?

Also, 8 of 10 "Business Buyers" Never Ever Buy a Business! Some of these folks will come up with endless list of info they want from you and never make a commitment, this is a dance and for every step you take, your dance partner needs to take a step as well of you will never get the finish line. Since 1995, we have sold 300 plus businesses and have streamlined the process to not waste my time or yours. Without the help of an Experienced Business Broker, you could be wasting your time on the 4 out of 5 small Businesses for sale that will never change hands.

Why do so few Businesses Sell?

This is the dirty little secret most Business Brokers wont share with you, the facts are hiding in plain site!

Bizbuysell.com reports 50,000 active business for sale listings. For 2021, a total of 6,264 Sold. That means that only 13% of the active listings sold, that also means that 87% of the Businesses advertised for sale did not sell! Recent articles by Forbes, NY Times, Inc. magazine also confirm that 4 out of 5 businesses for sale never ever sell or change hands. Most wind up being liquidated, closed down and Billions of dollars in sweat equity vanishes. Most of the businesses in these studies had <$500k in SDE (Seller's Discretionary Earnings) Those with >$750k of SDE have a 4 in 10 chance of selling and Businesses with > $1mm in EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) are in demand and have an 80% chance of selling.


Why do so few Businesses for sale actually sell?


There can be dozens of reasons why a business never sells; below are some of the most common:
1. Priced too high, no justification for the price (no basis for asking price) Businesses for sale with a 3rd party valuation are 5 times more likely to sell.
2. Business acquisition cannot be financed. (Buyers want leverage, Sellers want to cash out)
3. Poor record keeping (tax returns, sellers do a good job of burying income, buyers cant find it and are unwilling to pay for income that can not be proven).
4. Not packaged correctly. Need to explain full value of the company in writing.
5. Sellers won’t sell for what they make in a few years. (what is the seller's motivation?)

6. Business and accounts are too dependent on seller. (the business owner does everything).
7. Desirability (owners responsibility and hours required to operate successfully are too burdensome for most buyers that want to maintain a quality of life).
8. Management and employee not staying after the sale (mostly family owned, family run).
9. Outdated or changing service and/or product (i.e., Uber, Amazon infiltration into segments).
10. Too much working capital required. (not enough cash on cash return to justify risk for buyer)

What do we do to get your business sold faster for more money?

The first step for Businesses owner with less than $750k in Seller's Discretionary Earning (SDE) and is thinking about selling is to look at the Direct Market Data Method (DMDM)

This assumes an “Arm’s Length” transaction. Direct Market Data Method (DMDM) relies on the principle of substitution. A buyer will not pay more than the price at which they can obtain an equally desirable substitute. The DMDM uses parameters of comparison in the form of income multipliers, which can be either Gross Net or Sellers Discretionary Earnings SDE.

This is not the end all for valuation but rather a starting point to gage the market. If you dont have a buyer for your business and you want to sell, you will be going to market to sell your business. One of the main principles in market pricing is the “Principle of Substitution”. This principle says that the maximum value of a business or property usually is established by the cost of acquiring an equivalent substitute business or property that has the same use, design, and income. In other words, “why would a buyer pay Y for what you seller when they can buy a similar X for for less? It is important to have market data if you are going to the market to sell. Privately held Business sales are not in the Public Record, your Business Broker has to belong to Business Broker Associations and or subscribe to very expensive private data bases of sold business in order to take the market approach into consideration.  


Why should you interview several business brokers?


Questions to ask;

  1. How long have you been a Business Broker, how many businesses have you sold? How many like mine? What else do you do for a living or is business brokerage your full time occupation? This is important because in my experience, most business broker are part time in the business and these types of sales are complicated and require a full time effort.

  2. Are you licensed and what Associations do you below to and which certifications do you have? This will let you know if they are professionally trained and adhere to standards of ethics that associations such as the IBBA have.

  3. How many listings do you currently have and how many of your listings did you sell last year? This is important because many “top producers” have 50 to 70 listings but only sell 10 to 15 per year. That means that most of their listing engagements dont sell and they may be using your listing for advertising “bait” and switch the buyers to other brokers listings that are more salable.

  4. Do you have reviews, letters of recommendation, people I can call who you have sold their business?

How we can help you Buy or Sell a Business

Three Simple Steps we use to bring your odds of a successful transaction from only 20% up to over 80%.



1. Justify the Business asking price for both Buyer and Seller. Prepare a comprehensive Business Valuation using several methods of Valuation. We have access to thousands of comparable sold businesses. Not being able to justify the price is the #1 reason why most businesses never sell.

2. Set up financing to buy a business, pre-qualify the Business for SBA Guaranteed 3rd party financing. Buyers want to leverage their money. Sellers want to cash out, any third party funds make the deal a win win for both buyers and sellers. We work with many SBA Banks and we know which Banks will finance certain types of Businesses. This is the #2 reason why most businesses never sell.

3. Use a qualified experienced Business Intermediary to market on a confidential basis and negotiate. Vince LoCricchio is a Certified Business Intermediary  and I can screen and pre-qualify potential buyers. Put a Business Marketing package together. Once you have the Price justified, financing in place, a ready willing and able buyer and a meeting of the minds are all that is needed.