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Below is an overview of the steps needed to broker a successful sale.


Are you considering selling your Business? The 1st logical step is to gage the market. To find out what similar types businesses are selling and have sold for base on similar revenues and cash flow. All we need to provide you with a comparable sales report is to know your average annual revenues and average seller's discretionary income SDE. This will give you a ballpark number of what businesses like yours are selling for.


Next, the broker needs to prepare a business valuation. We use the most probable selling price MPSP Method. We have access to Data Bases that include 20,000 Sold Businesses. We will pull the Business that are most similar to your to come up with a market ranges of what your type of business is selling for in the current market place.


Items needed for the Valuation Report include;


  1. Last 3 years Business Tax Returns

  2. Current Year to Date P&L and Balance Sheet.

  3. Value of Business owned Tangible Assets (Furniture Fixtures & Equipment) FF&E and Intangible

  4. Assets (Franchise Agreements, Patents

We also “shop the deal” for financing thru 3rd party lenders such as Banks that have "Practice Acquisition Financing" Local Community Banks (they love to lend to local Doctors) and preferred SBA Lenders.

Once we review the Valuation Report and Financing options, we enter into an engagement agreement with you to confidentially present your business to qualified buyers. There is no cost or obligation on your part until we sell your business as per the engagement agreement.

Once we have the listing agreement, we market the business confidentially. See some of my personal recent Sold Businesses here.

We respond to all inquiries and have them Sign a confidentiality / non disclosure agreement prior to disclosing any details that would give away that your business is for sale. Once we have the NDA from the buyer, we release some info on your business. We will be on all calls / phone meetings and continue to “drive the deal” until the buyer decides it’s not for them or until closing. We are engaged every step along the way.


Why use Vincenzo LoCricchio to help you sell your business?


25+ Years Business Selling Experience, Real Estate Broker License Number: Florida BK-624725 State of Michigan License # 6501415771

Board Certified Intermediary through Business Brokers of Florida Association

Past President Business Brokers of FL Assoc Tampa Bay and SW Florida Chapters

Former State Board of Directors for Business Brokers of Florida BBF

I have personally sold 300+ businesses since 1995.


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See what Businesses like your are actually selling for!