We have buyers for your Business! Search our Buyer Data Base

We have buyers for your Tampa Bay Area Business! Search our Buyer Data Base!

Enter the type and the county of where your business is located to see if we have a registered buyer for your Business. We have 1,000's of Registered Buyers in our data base of registered buyers. Sell your Tampa Bay Area Business. Just click on the buyer link to send us a message that we have a buyer for your business. There are currently more buyers for Businesses than there are Sellers. This is a Sellers Market, get top dollar for your Business for sale. Business Buyer activity has picked up, Banks are lending money to business buyers, this could be the best time to sell your business. We also have Hundreds of Private Equity Groups, Investment Groups, Family Offices and Search Funds that are seeking Acquisitions if you have a Business that has EBITDA > $700k. Call Vince LoCricchio CBI BCI 813 690-0109 for a free confidential phone consultation. no cost, no obligation consultation regarding matching your Business to one of our buyers. 

Let me know if we already have a buyer for your Business.

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